Policy on student giving

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  1. The University is committed to conducting its activities fairly, honestly and openly, in accordance with relevant legislation, and to the highest standards of integrity.  This extends to fundraising activities by or on behalf of the University and to the University’s relationships with students and their close relations.
  2. This document sets out the University’s policy in respect of donations, which may take the form of a gift or a pledge, from current and prospective students or their close relations.
  3. In no circumstances should any donation be accepted or solicited if there is a reasonable likelihood that the acceptance of such a donation might result in actual or perceived influence in decision-making at the University or improper behaviour by any of its members.
  4. The policy complements and reinforces the University’s admission and examination processes and existing University policies (including, but not limited to, the Bribery and Fraud Policy and the Code of Practice on Academic Integrity in Research).
  1. The following definitions are used throughout the policy:
    • ‘Current student’: an individual who has accepted an offer to study, or who has begun a course of study, for a certificate, diploma or degree programme at the University and who has not received their final results or an individual who has become a candidate for a higher degree.[1]  
    • ‘Prospective student’: an individual who is in active engagement with the University in respect of a particular programme of study.  This extends to individuals who have a pending application to study at, or who are in receipt of an offer from, the University or one of its colleges or societies.
  2. All references to individuals in this policy extend to any entity that is wholly or partially controlled by or on behalf of such an individual or over which an individual exerts a material influence (such as foundations or family trusts, companies or partnerships).

 [1] Courses at the Department of Continuing Education which do not give students the opportunity to attain a formal qualification from the University are not covered by this definition.

Current or prospective students

  1. The University does not accept or solicit donations of £500 or more from current or prospective students.

Spouses or partners

  1. The University does not accept or solicit donations of £500 or more from spouses or partners of current or prospective students.

Parents or guardians

  1. Save in the circumstances set out in paragraph 10 below, the University does not accept or solicit donations of £500 or more from parents or guardians of current or prospective students (or from anyone with an equivalent relationship to a current or prospective student).
  2. The University may accept donations from parents or guardians of current or prospective students where either:
    1. the parent or guardian is an established donor to the University, the proposed donation follows a similar pattern to his or her previous giving and the donation is not given   to the relevant student’s subject area; or
    2. the donation is being made to an area of the University with which the relevant student is not known to engage.
  1. This policy applies to donations to the University; under the Relationship Management Protocols for Fund-raising across the Collegiate University 2014, colleges and student-led societies are permitted to fundraise from current students (whether undergraduate or graduate), on condition that such fundraising can in no way be interpreted as affecting a student’s academic prospects, or treatment by the college.

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