Rules for letting functional space

  1. The right to occupy space will be under a single, simple document – a lease based on a standard University form. Any special right to use University equipment will be the subject of a separate contract for services in a standard University form. The lease and contract for services supplied by the University will be non-negotiable.
  1. The lease will be on arm’s-length terms, to satisfy the University’s obligation as a charity to secure the best terms reasonably obtainable. Features of the lease:-
    1. fixed-term (generally of the order of 12 months);
    2. excluded from the security of tenure provisions in the Landlord and Tenant Acts;
    3. full market rent;
    4. compensation for any impact on the charitable rate relief for the building;
    5. fully serviced (landlord to repair and maintain);
    6. landlord to insure premises: tenant to insure contents and to take out public liability insurance to landlord’s satisfaction;
    7. tenant to comply with landlord’s health and safety, waste disposal etc. rules, and to indemnify landlord against civil claims and the cost of defending prosecutions: (the health and safety requirements in respect of the particular space will be considered by the University’s Health and Safety Office at an early stage in the discussions with the prospective tenant);
    8. no car parking;
    9. telephone and data lines separate from the University’s systems: no use of University e-mail addresses, or of any departmental address as the tenant’s registered office;
    10. confidentiality undertakings by the tenant, and a covenant to procure and enforce confidentiality undertakings from the tenant’s employees, contractors and visitors.
  1. The approval process:
    1. the proposition and the documentation comply with the above;
    2. approval from the Head of Department;
    3. approval from the Director of Research Services: factors here include i.p.-related issues, and relationships with research groups in close proximity;
    4. approval from the Director of Health and Safety Services;
    5. clearance from the Director of Asset and Space Management (who will be able (inter alia) to set the proposition in the context of the University strategy for the use of space);
    6. approval from the Director of Finance under Financial Regulation 6.4;
    7. signoff by the Director of Asset and Space Management.
  1. The following additional rules apply when the tenant is a spin-out from the University:-
    1. the spin-out must be at an early “pre-incubation” stage such that it does not have a space requirement suitable for the Begbroke Innovation Unit;
    2. the lease will be for a fixed term of up to 12 months;
    3. approval under 3(b) above will be from the Head of Division if the Head of Department is involved with the spin-out;
    4. the criteria for approval under 3(b) will include the ability of the researchers in the spin-out to perform their University duties; and no use of graduates or post-docs from the Department.

Any propositions which do not satisfy the above must be submitted individually to the Conflict of Interest Committee.

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