University policy on donor involvement

  1. Donor involvement is not permitted in any circumstances in decisions on the admission of students to the collegiate University.
  2. Donor involvement is not permitted in decisions on the selection of admitted students for undergraduate and graduate scholarships and bursaries.
  3. The policy applies to all new proposals for University schemes to be introduced from 1 August 2013, whether developed by the Development Office, a funding office, divisions or departments/faculties.
  4. The General Purposes Committee of Council (“GPC”) may consider a derogation from the prohibition set out at paragraph 2, provided always that:
    1. it regards the circumstances as being exceptional;
    2. the final decision on the selection of recipients of scholarships and bursaries remains with the University;
    3. the extent of donor involvement does not exceed that which is reasonably required to address the exceptional circumstance; and
    4. the donor involvement does not result in inefficient, unfair or unlawful processes or outcomes. 

If all these conditions apply, GPC could, in its absolute discretion, approve such a derogation.

  1. Any proposal to GPC to approve an element of donor involvement in scholarship or bursary selection must be made with the support of the PVC Development and External Affairs and the PVC Education.
  2. Existing schemes that are not wholly compliant with this policy will be allowed to continue to operate. However, efforts must be made, wherever possible, to bring any such schemes into line with this policy, as and when a suitable opportunity presents itself1

1 For example, if an agreement falls due for renewal, or is otherwise re-negotiated.

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